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​Robert Bowden has been in business giving banjo lessons in Sacramento for the last 14 years. Mandolin lessons and fiddle lessons too! Contact me for more information.

Mandolin Lessons


If you play banjo, fiddle, mandolin or anything else, you should know something about guitar backup if you want to further your jamming skills. Find out why…MORE

Bluegrass, Celtic (Irish), folk, Old Time….it doesn't matter.. you've come to the right place.  Here, you can find all that you need to get started or continue forward from where you are now. MORE

Mandolin, the un-fiddle.  I love this instrument for its sound and relative ease of learning. If you like fiddle, you'll love mandolin. Click to find out why.MORE

Whether it be Clawhammer, Scruggs style, or Irish Tenor, your banjo interests will be in good hands at StickToPicking. With my help and over 40 years experience, your dreams of learning to play can be realized.  MORE

Fiddle Lessons

Banjo Lessons

Instrument instruction available:

With individual, person to person instruction,  you will make better progress in learning your chosen instrument at a rate that will not only satisfy you but with the quality that you deserve. There's nothing like a professional, experienced instructor that can sort out your learning issues and help you leap forward.  Think of Stick to Picking as your one-stop source for banjo lessons in Sacramento, fiddle lessons in Sacramento, mandolin lessons in Sacramento and even bluegrass guitar lessons in the Sacramento area. Choose your instrument below and find out more about how to start.

Guitar Lessons