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  • Red River Valley 2:34

  • Rolling Waves/Out on the Ocean2:30


Just a couple chunes fer ya.

Ah yes, Clawhammer banjo. Not as flashy as Scruggs style but lots easier to learn and just as fun.

I played this old standard in 3-finger style, commonly  known as Scruggs style.


Irish Tenor Banjo 

So, you say you like Irish musicwell then forget the 5-string banjo and just get a 4-stringtenorbanjo instead.  If you want to play Irish music on banjo then this is the banjo of choice.  

Claw hammerbanjo is a little more obscure to the average person but no less valid musically and actually a lot easier to learn. With some work and some time you can be playing tunes relatively quickly. Realsitically, you should consider starting out with this style.

Three finger style is probably the most frequently heard and thus, most often requested.  This style is mostly heard in a bluegrass setting. If you truly want to learn this style of playing, be prepared to practice A LOT and really study the musical genre thoroughly. Starting here is a bit like starting school in 6th grade.

Banjos, Banjos, Banjos

Ok, now that you're here on the banjo page, you have some choices. The majority of my students come to me just wanting to play the banjo. The thing is...there are a few banjo styles that you can choose from. You might already be familiar with some but here are some examples that will help you narrow it down.I can teach you any one of these.

  • Over the Waterfall 1:24